Affiliate membership program opens up TIA's FOLS

May 13, 2008
May 13, 2008 -- A video interview with FOLS Chair Rodney Casteel, regarding the new Affiliate Membership program, is now available for viewing at the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Video Library.

May 13, 2008 -- The Fiber Optics LAN Section (FOLS) of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has introduced its Affiliate Membership program, designed to allow companies that are not TIA members to participate in FOLS. Under the program, companies or individuals can participate in the FOLS at one of two rates: $3500 to become a sponsoring member, or $5,000 to become a full member.

"2008 is going to be a breakthrough year for FOLS recruitment," comments Rodney Casteel, chair of the FOLS and global fiber applications manager for CommScope's Enterprise Solutions Group. "The Affiliate Membership program will allow FOLS to approach companies that are currently not TIA members, but whose business is involved with the use of fiber in the enterprise market. It will strengthen the FOLS tremendously with increased participation from more diverse companies, as we continue to educate network designers and end users about fiber-optics and related technologies for advancing new and better communications solutions."

"TIA is committed to supporting the FOLS and its role as an educational resource for the enterprise market," adds Taly Walsh, the TIA's VP of marketing and business development. "The Affiliate Membership program is intended to help expand FOLS participation beyond our current membership base, as TIA increases its presence in this critical market."

The new categories for participation in FOLs do not create membership rights in TIA. Details about the benefits of joining at each level can be found at

"There are many benefits to joining FOLS," continues Casteel. "Our members value the chance to network with their peers, to participate in industry-wide educational initiatives, to influence the interpretation of industry standards and architectures, and to increase the understanding of the use of fiber-optics in the enterprise."

Additionally, adds Casteel, through FOLS participation, members and their representatives are able to extend the reach of their own marketing efforts by increasing their visibility at industry conferences and through additional exposure through bylined articles for trade publications.

A video interview with FOLS Chair Rodney Casteel, regarding the new Affiliate Membership program, is now available for viewing here, at the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Video Library.

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