RJ-45 switch offers redundant power

May 21, 2008
May 21, 2008 -- The latest offering from Electro Standards Labs, the 7237, is transparent to data speeds and protocol.

May 21, 2008 -- Electro Standards Laboratories recently announced the Model 7237 8-channel RJ45 A/B switch with redundant remote control and power. The switch allows the capability of accessing, on each channel, one of two separate devices via a device connected into the channel's common port.

The product, with dual power, continues to pass data in the event of a power loss, while maintaining switch positions. Switch ports are transparent to data speed and protocol.

Model 7237 offers front-panel push-button control or remote ASCII command access through the dual serial ports. All switches change positions simultaneously upon command. An optional wide range power supply, Model 7507, is available.

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