Aluminum/steel truck boxes target security, durability

May 5, 2008
May 5, 2008 -- Emerson Professional Tools' Knaack LLC says its Weather Guard Hi-Side truck boxes provide contractors with secure, durable, convenient tool storage above the bed of their trucks.

May 5, 2008 -- Knaack LLC, a division of Emerson Professional Tools, says its Weather Guard Hi-Side truck boxes provide contractors with secure, durable, convenient tool storage above the bed of their trucks.

Available in aluminum and steel, the truck boxes have been specifically designed for extra security and durability, featuring a three-point latching system that secures each side of the box with a strong seal against theft, vandalism and weather. A large, stainless-steel D-handle allows for easy opening and locking, even when wearing gloves. The boxes' picture frame body design has an extra large opening for maximum utilization of storage space and tool accessibility, notes the company. Sturdy, adjustable legs allow the box mounting points to be customized for maximum bed space.

For unrestricted access, the doors of the Hi-Side truck boxes can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees. Full weather stripping and close tolerance door flanges keep rain, sleet, snow and vandals away from the truck box contents. Full-length staked piano hinges on the doors provide maximum durability and rigidity, and aircraft-rated type cables connect the doors to the full-length reinforcement channel on the truck box body.

Available in 16 aluminum models and 11 steel models, the Hi-Side truck boxes fit all full and compact pickups and can also be used on flat bed trucks. The aluminum boxes are constructed of heavy-gauge diamond plate aluminum and come in a choice of clear or black ARMOR-TUF powder coat finish. The steel models are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with aluminum doors and reinforcing channels. The steel models are available in either "Brite White" or black ARMOR-TUF powder coat finishes.

The boxes range in capacity from 5.6 cubic feet to 21.4 cubic feet. For contractors needing additional storage area, the company's Super-Side truck boxes provide extra storage capacity.

All Hi-Side truck boxes come with a three-year warranty.

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