IMC adds modular TDM-over-fiber extenders

May 19, 2008 -- The LineTerm TDM modules convert T1/E1/J1 or DS3/E3/STS-1 signals from native copper to fiber-optic cabling.

May 19, 2008 -- IMC Networks has released its iMcV-T1/E1/J1-LineTerm and iMcV-DS3/E3/STS1-LineTerm line-terminating TDM modules. The modules convert T1/E1/J1 or DS3/E3/STS-1 signals from native copper cabling to fiber-optic cabling. The company notes that the converted optical signals can travel up to 80 km -- much farther than electrical signals.

"The limited range of TDM circuits on copper has always been an issue, requiring expensive repeaters to extend signals beyond even 200 meters," says Tim Templeton, director of marketing at IMC. "Our TDM LineTerms are a simpler, more cost-effective solution."

The new line of TDM extenders is designed for telco operators and service providers who are trying to backhaul customers' TDM-based equipment, such as PBXs. The extenders perform the standard "Line Termination" (GR-820-CORE) function. This function generates an Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) on the line if a received signal is lost. Line faults can easily be isolated to one line section and do not propagate over multiple-line sections as they do with normal line repeaters.

The TDM LineTerm series also includes built-in jitter removal, line integrity testing, diagnostic tools, and remote management. The modules install in IMC's MediaChassis and iMediaChassis series chassis, and can be managed by the company's iView2 SNMP application software, or with any other SNMP application. The modules are designed to be deployed in pairs; data transmitted on the fiber ports must be received and interpreted by another LineTerm unit of the same model.

Each iMcV-DS3/E3/STS1-LineTerm unit includes one pair of BNC connectors and a choice of a standard ST or SC fiber-optic connector. The iMcV-T1/E1/J1-LineTerm unit includes one RJ-48 copper port and a standard ST or SC fiber optic connector.

List pricing for the iMcV-DS3/E3/STS1-LineTerm units starts at $670. The iMcV-T1/E1/J1-LineTerm units are scheduled for release in June 2008; list pricing starts at $450. IMC is debuting the products this week's The Cable Show in New Orleans

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