Adder launches CATx KVM switch

May 7, 2008
May 7, 2008 -- The compact, multi-platform KVM switch with audio support provides control of up to 16 computers connected to the company's CATx switch via Cat 5 cable, either locally at the switch or remotely up to 1,000 feet away.

May 7, 2008 -- Adder has launched its AdderView CATx 1000, billed as a compact, multi-platform KVM switch with audio support that allows a user to control up to 16 computers connected to the company's CATx switch via Cat 5 cable, either locally at the switch or remotely up to 1,000 feet away.

Part of the CATx series of Adder KVM devices, the CATx 1000 has been designed to minimize space requirements where space is at a premium and maximize flexibility both in use and location. One or two of the KVM switches can be rack mounted and cascaded with other CATx 1000s to support up to 256 computers.

"We believe that the small to medium-sized business will greatly benefit from the CATx 1000 as it delivers all of the advantages of an enterprise CATx switch in a desktop form factor for smaller server rooms," says Nigel Dickens, Adder's technical director. "It also provides the richest feature-set available on the market at less than a third of the price of traditional 19-inch CATx solutions. This product enables SMBs to have the same operation flexibility and stability previously enjoyed by much larger enterprises."

The CATx 1000 delivers a range of features including digital stereo audio, high resolution video, USB device control and an advanced on screen display and serial control for remote switching, power control and synchronizing with other CATx 1000 units. Users can also leverage security profiles which identify the user prior to handing over control and even duplicate the connection profiles onto other CATx 1000 devices if required. Another feature is Display Data Channel (DDC) handling, where the KVM uses specific information transferred from the display device to ensure correct video is maintained with host machines.

The CATx 1000 can be connected to hosts including PC, servers, Macs or Sun machines, by leveraging Adder's Computer Access Modules (CAMs). The CATx 1000 also carries keyboard country codes enabling different keyboards from different countries to be used on Sun hosts. The KVM switch also uses 'keep alive' technology which maintains the impression of keyboard and mouse being present, even when disconnected for a long period of time between KVM selections.

The 8-port AdderView CATx 1000 has a list price of $495; the 16-port AdderView CATx has a list price of $645.

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