Fluke upgrades termination test kit

May 19, 2008
May 19, 2008 -- Fluke Networks has a new version of its MicroScanner2 termination test kit.

May 19, 2008 -- Fluke Networks has introduced a new version of its MicroScanner2 termination test kit. The kit includes installation and service tools that cable installers and TV cable technicians require to locate, terminate and verify copper cabling installations.

The new kit includes Fluke's MicroScanner2 cable verifier, which works with major cable types including coax, UTP and two-lead conductors. The cable tester shows installers test results for cable length, wire map, cable ID and distance to break or short as visual representations, on a single screen. The company says this feature makes for faster testing while reducing the chance of human error switching between tests.

The kit also contains Fluke's IntelliTone Pro probe, which is immune to electrical interference, using digital signaling technology to separate trace signals from background noise. The company says this capability permits quick, precise identification of specific wire pairs and cables on active networks. The IntelliTone probe responds to the built-in tone generator of the MicroScanner2, which produces both digital and analog tones.

Additionally, the kit provides the installer with all common adapters and patch cords needed on the job site, according to Fluke. Essential hand tools include an impact tool which accepts all industry standard blades, electrician's D-Snips with a long-tailed handle for better cutting leverage, an adjustable wire cutter-stripper with a depth gauge, a flashlight, and a marker.

Of particular use to cable TV technicians is the kit's push-on F-Coax patch cord, notes the company. Also included are six remote cable identifiers, a shielded twisted-pair RJ45 patch cord, an RJ11 patch cord, and a clip-set that connects the MicroScanner2's RJ45 jack to 8 bare wires via alligator clips.

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