Cable Techs: Bad Day

Oct. 30, 2014
From comes this timeless music video for the cabling industry.

From comes this timeless music video classic geared for every contractor in the contemporary broadband telecommunications cabling industry. The performance is chock-full of telecom industry-specific rhymes and narrative sure to resonate with most cable field technicians and installers. Without further adieu, we give you the magnificent...Cable Techs: Bad Day:

"Went to a house on a trouble call/
TVs, Internet, phone and all/
Messed up from the rainy day before/
And the customer complaining when I got to the door/
Pulled out my meter, went straight to the drop/
Bad fitting on the end of it right by the block/
RG6 with a barrel stuck out/
Got 12 more jobs that I'm trying to tough out/

Closed up the house box, locked it tight/
Go back and see if everthing's working right/
Call dispatch and tell 'em close the job/
We ain't gotta come back, cuz I done fixed the problem/
Get to the next house, what do I find?/
Got an aerial drop, dude broke the line/
They were cutting down trees and he made a mistake/
He was wondering if somebody could come out today...

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