Cloud-based equipment-administration software

Brady's LINK360 platform provides insight far deeper than the printed labels in a cabling-management system.

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Brady, provider of cable-marking and labeling equipment, also provides a cloud-based platform that manages the visual information on and around equipment and machines. LINK360 is so named because, Brady says, it allows managers a 360-degree view of all activities performed on their facility to create, use and update equipment visuals at either a single location or across multiple locations.

The software was designed to ensure that if changes are made to any equipment, the respective equipment visuals are kept up-to-date, Brady explains. The company says this software platform "closes the loop on scalability and sustainability through the management of equipment visuals from any location that has access to the Internet." LINK360 can create visually instructive procedures, and also grant permission and rights for viewing, editing and creating templates and procedures in order to maintain consistent symbols and languages at all locations.

Software business lead with Brady, Marlon Davis, said, "LINK360 software offers the ability to achieve compliance and standardization across an entire organization. This product moves the needle from simply implementing standard operation procedures to being able to easily scale the program for an entire organization and sustain it through alerts, notifications and reports, regardless of the location."

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