Drill head reams conduit

Aug. 16, 2012
The new tool from Klein fits into power drill chucks and quick-release adapters, and reams half-inch, three-quarter-inch, or one-inch conduit using a standard power tool.

The Conduit Reaming Drill Head from Klein Tools fits into power-drill chucks and quick-release adapters; the replaceable blade reams half-inch, three-quarter-inch and one-inch conduit using a standard power tool. It includes a replaceable #2 square recess bit for installing conduit fittings. Replacement blades and bits are available. Klein says the head is designed to reduce the amount of time needed to ream and install conduit runs.

Klein Tools product manager Jon Ginsberg said, "This new tool reduces the time to ream conduit and install fittings while easing the wrist strain experienced using hand reamers on long conduit runs. Saving time and fatigue means saving money on the job."

A two-minutevideo describing and demonstrating the drill head's use can be viewed here.

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