Wrench for use on transmission towers

Lowell Corporation's 100T wrench series gives tower workers flexibility and convenience by fitting three nut sizes.

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The 100T series Triple Square Transmission Tower Wrenches from Lowell Corporation is geared toward workers who must tighten nuts on utility towers. Each wrench has three square sizes in one permanent socket, to handle the most common nut sizes in tower fasteners, Lowell says. The 1-1/8x1-5/16x1-1/2-inch triple square socket allows for tolerances on 1-1/8-inch square nuts (5/8-inch bolts), 1-1/4-inch square nuts (3/4-inch bolts) and 1/3-8-inch nuts (7/8-inch bolts). The wrench also fits 1-1/2-inch hex bolts.

Three models are available. The 103T has a 12-inch handle and weighs 2-3/4 pounds. The 104T has a 15-inch handle and weighs 3 pounds. And the 105T has an 18-inch handle and weighs 3-1/4 pounds. "The long handles and a torque capability of 300 lb-ft bring plenty of turning power to any job," Lowell says.

The wrench head and socket's Bolt-Thru design makes it easy to tighten nuts on bolts of any threaded length, the company further explains. Other features include a stamped and riveted metal handle with a vinyl strap. The entire assembly is coated with an epoxy paint, which Lowell says adds durability and makes for easy cleaning.

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