Rack Cable Management system has locking door

The locking latch on Cooper B-Line's RCM+ system allows the door to be opened from either side, and to be removed and reinstalled.

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The locking latch system on Cooper B-Line's RCM+ Rack Cable Management system is now stronger than it previously had been, and allows the door to be opened from either side, the company announced. The system improvement also allows the door to be completely removed and reinstalled.

The RCM+ system is described as a high-density rack cable manager that provides support for cabling at each RMU space. Its features include quarter-inch accessory mounting holes spaced every half-RMU along the unit's entire height, as well as optional two-piece doors and snap-on gates that retain cables when the doors are opened or removed.

The latching system pictured at the bottom of this page is from the original RCM+ system. Cooper B-Line's president Daniel Castillo said the decision to update the system's mounting clips was in response to customer feedback. The system includes racks as well as vertical and horizontal cable management equipment, and related accessories.

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