Software enables IP-video monitoring over low-bandwidth data links

IndigoVision's SMS4 video management software allows users connected via satellite to monitor IP surveillance footage.

IndigoVision, a provider of IP-video systems, says that its SMS4 Release 4 video management software makes it possible for an unlimited number of users to view remote cameras over low-bandwidth connections such as wireless satellite links.

The key enabler, IndigoVision says, is the software package's Camera Proxy facility. "Camera Proxy transforms the use of remote and satellite connections to cameras, and will open new possibilities for users," promises the company's head of engineering Alex Swanson.

According to IndigoVision, the feature allows multiple simultaneous client views of a camera from a low-bandwidth, remote location. Only a single stream of video is sent from each camera at any given time over the low-bandwidth part of the network, passing it to as many viewers as needed. The company says its "integrated IP video surveillance system makes it possible to monitor sites in remote locations, using wide area networks and satellite links. The lower bandwidth used for remote monitoring can reduce the number of possible viewers per camera, but IndigoVision clients are now able to share the stream from any camera with many viewers simultaneously."

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