Cable cutter handles copper, steel

The CCS-6 Cable Cutter from Platinum Tools can be used on coaxial, twisted-pair and other cable types, and keeps cables round during the cutting process.

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The CCS-6 Cable Cutter from Platinum Tools, "is designed to cut copper cable with steel content without nicking, degrading or deforming the cutting blades," explained Platinum's John Phillips. "Fully tested to 10,000 cuts on RG6 CCS, copper-clad steel center conductor with no degradation to the cutting blades, this compact cable cutter also easily cuts through copper and aluminum cable."

The tool works on solid copper wire, twisted-pair and coaxial cables, the company says, adding that its blade geometry ensures the cable remains round during the cut.

At a suggested retail price under $20, the CCS-6 includes PVC handle grips and a black-oxide finish. It is made from SCM 440 steel, weighs less than 8 ounces and is 6.3 inches in length.

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