Vertical aisle-cocoon system for data centers

Sept. 5, 2012
Cannon Technologies' newest system facilitates rapid-chilled air flows in data centers in a vertical orientation, so hot air rises while cold air falls.

Cannon Technologies' Vertical Aisle cocooning system for data centers uniquely addresses air routing and containment for all types of racks, including OEM and non-Cannon systems, according to Cannon engineering manager Mark Awdas. The cocooning system ensures that the airflow is maintained to the correct direction and at full velocity, he added.

"The heat generated by high-density and high-power IT systems is significant, so cooling is of paramount importance," Awdas explained. "Data center designers have now settled on rapid-chilled air flows after experimenting with water, and even cryogenic, cooling methodologies." He further noted that containing airflow in a vertical direction, with the hot air rising and the cold air falling, presents a challenge. If the airflow leaks into adjacent compartments, the efficiency of a given aisle and potentially an entire section of the data center starts to fail, as more energy is required to ensure an adequate airflow is maintained.

"This is where Cannon Technologies Vertical Aisle Cocooning enters the frame as a highly cost-effective cooling solution," the Awdas said. "Such is the importance of cost-effective cooling in a modern data center that Intel has invested tens of millions of dollars over the years in developing its server chips to integrate with third-party cooling systems."

In fact, Awdas recalled, last July Intel revealed it would add new sensors to its server chips to assist companies in improving the efficiency of their data center cooling system, with the aim of reducing operating costs and extending the life of the equipment. Cannon Technologies' Vertical Aisle Cocooning is one technology that can assist data center owners and users in helping to minimize energy costs, and maintain hardware at its optimum temperature, thereby prolonging IT-systems life, Cannon said.

Awdas added, "Since our clients include governments, who use our technology in their classified data centers, this is why we have developed our Vertical Aisle Cocooning technology to ensure that the air flows in the direction or directions it is supposed to," Awdas said.

"All of Cannon Technologies' Aisle Cocooning features and benefits are maintained with the vertical offering, which has received a positive response from our beta test adopters of this advancement," he said. "The fact that this is both cost-effective and easy to deploy and maintain, is something our customers report as highly pleasing."

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