Multidiameter entry system for cables requiring grounding and bonding

Sept. 14, 2012
The Roxtec BG cable-entry system seals large and small quantities of metal-clad or armored cables in minimal space.

The Roxtec BG (bonding and grounding) cable-entry system seals large and small quantities of metal-clad or armored cables, which require grounding/bonding, using minimal space. "When used in building structures, cabinets and enclosures" Roxtec says, "BG is proven to eliminate costs by significantly reducing design and installation time, while also providing optimum electrical safety and protection to people and equipment. The BG cable entry system provides additional protection against weather, blasts, rodents and fire."

The system adapts to different-diameter cables by virtue of its removable-layer design, which the company says "allows users to specify and design cable entries before and after final cable schedules are complete." Additionally, Roxtec BG can accommodate in-the-field changes thanks to its modular, removable-layer design.

Roxtec points out the system can be used in unfriendly environments. "For wall, floor and bulkhead cable penetrations, the BG system is fire-rated as well as gas- and water-tight," the company says, adding that it meets major electrical schemes with bonding and grounding for low- to high-voltage applications. "For electrical, control and instrumentation cabinets, Roxtec BG solutions provide IP66/67, NEMA 4, 4x and hazardous location [Ex] certifications," according to Roxtec. "For cabinets and electrical enclosures, Roxtec BG solutions allow for the size and weight of cabinets to be greatly reduced."

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