Flexible 50-ohm coaxial cables for DAS

Sept. 3, 2012
The Carol Brand DBRF coax cables from General Cable are non-kinking and easy to terminate, the company says, making them ideal in DAS as well as other wireless systems.

The DBRF Flexible Low Loss 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables from General Cable are a recent addition to the company's Carol Brand Electronic wire and cable product line. The DBRF cables are "designed with DAS in mind," General Cable says, adding that they can be used in wireless applications including the following.

  • 2-way land mobile radios
  • Telemetry
  • 802.11 wireless LANs
  • Wireless local loop
  • Wireless Internet (WISP)
  • Wireless cable (MMDS)
  • Wireless broadband data

"Our Carol DBRF coax cables have RF performance that is comparable to traditional corrugated copper cables," said Damien Sebald, product manager for Carol Electronic Products with General Cable. "But unlike corrugated copper cables, they are highly flexible, non-kinking and easier to terminate. When compared to traditional braided RG coax cables, our DBRF cables offer low attenuation and better RF shielding."

The cables use standard connectors and are used in internal component and equipment wiring, inter- and intra-cabinet jumpers, base stations and antenna jumpers, tower and pole feeder runs, in-building runs, and any application requiring a 50-ohm low-loss RF Cable, the company says.

When announcing the cables' availability, General Cable explained, "The ability to communicate anywhere with wireless devices or cell phones, both indoors and out, continues to be a growing demand that requires distributed antenna systems [DAS]. DAS provide signal coverage anywhere outdoors or in buildings as part of their existing voice and data networks, while assisting with weak cellular phone service and improving WiFi connections to smart phones, laptop computers or tablets. They also assist with public safety communications infrastructures found in large business and office campus environments, as well as in commercial buildings, residential housing, public stadiums and arenas, transportation hubs, primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, and government and municipalities."

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