Adapters add depth to two-post racks

Sept. 18, 2012
Ranging in depth from 15 to 31 inches, the adapters from Hammond Manufacturing allow two-post racks to safely accommodate servers, UPSs and other equipment.

The RDAB series Equipment Rail Depth Adapter from Hammond Manufacturing mounts to a two-post rack, making it possible for the rack to support equipment without it sagging or being damaged. The adapters are available in 15-, 20-, 26- and 31-inch depths and mount securely to the two-post rack, positioning equipment in the center of the rack, Hammond says. This setup helps to stabilize the rack while using less space than having equipment mounted behind, the company further explains.

The adapters occupy 2U of rack space and measure 3.5 inches in height by 1.57 inches in width, regardless of depth. Each comes with an installation guide, mounting hardware and rack-mounting brackets. They are designed for use with uninterruptible power supplies, servers, DVRs or PCs.

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