In-building 4G cellular distribution system

OCC's system is based on a donor antenna architecture and is reported to provide data rates of approximately 18 Mbits/sec.

Optical Cable Corporation offers a 4G cellular distribution system (CDS) to resolve low cellular-signal strength inside buildings. OCC explains that the CDS is "designed as a complete kit," and "provides everything needed to mitigate 4G communications dead zones while also supporting legacy 2G and 3G services with a simplistic hardware approach in a standard 4RU rack-mount chassis."

OCC further explains that the system is based on a donor antenna architecture, in which an antenna is placed at an external location to capture the available signal from the provider's tower, deliver it to a rack-mounted system below that boosts signal strength, then redistribute the signal throughout the building where internal antennas are placed.

Manager of business development for enterprise solutions with OCC, Stephen Porach, explains that each CDS covers approximately 80,000 square feet for an open-spaced building and 40,000 square feet in a divided structure. These coverage areas depend on outdoor signal and antenna-cable lengths. Multiple systems can be tethered to increase coverage, he adds.

He notes, "In a typical scenario application of CDS to a facility gives immediate improvement to cellular performance throughout the building. Improvement in signal strength at the mobile station can be dramatic, bringing signal strength inside the facility to the same level as or even greater than that experienced at the rooftop donor antenna location. In our own manufacturing facility 4G data rates were measured at approximately 18 Mbits/sec, where no 4G service was available whatsoever prior to the CDS installation."

The system also includes several antenna and cabling accessories that have been evaluated specifically for use within the CDS.

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