High-density fiber cassette for data centers, service-provider networks

Sept. 18, 2012
Clearview Blue is a 12-port self-contained fiber-management device that can be used along with the FieldSmart FxHD frame to achieve density-as-needed for service providers as well as data centers.

Clearview Blue is one of two products newly introduced from Clearfield Inc. that are designed to improve fiber density and management, and ease fiber access to enable fiber-optic network users to scale operations as they serve more users. Clearview Blue is the latest-generation cassette from Clearview, and a companion product FieldSmart FxHD is a high-density fiber-distribution system.

Johnny Hill, Clearfield's chief operating officer, explained, "Density has always been a critical factor in fiber design. Clearview Blue delivers not only the highest density options in the industry, but sets the standard for access, protection and reduced labor time. And our new FieldSmart FxHD leverages Clearview Blue to make it possible for head-ends, central offices and data centers to deploy more ports per square foot and reduce the cost of real estate by more than 40 percent."

Clearview Blue is deployed as a 12-port self-contained fiber-management device, allowing service providers to stock a single fiber-management component for multiple environments. This reduces inventory levels as well as technician/installation time, and promotes basic fiber-management principles without exposing the fiber to environmental hazards or human interaction.

Clearfield lists the following characteristics of Clearview Blue.

  • A small footprint that minimizes space requirements and reduces deployment costs.
  • Flexibility and a snap-together design that saves time and accelerates turn-up.
  • 10 feet of integrated slack storage and splicing functionality, saving space and reducing labor time.
  • Compatibility with FieldSmart FxHD panels.
  • Reliable performance in difficult conditions in access networks, central offices and in the field.

FieldSmart FxHD uses the Clearview Blue with what Clearfield calls a "building-block" approach, enabling the service provider to align desired cable counts and scale to high densities. "The number of ports housed per square foot is improved by more than 40 percent, reducing the real estate cost by $0.75 per port, per year," Clearfield says. "For a central office of 20,000 ports, an annual savings of $15,000 is targeted."

Steven Weaver, a senior product engineer with Mid-State Consultants, commented on the management system's availability: "Our office was excited to hear that Clearfield was developing the FieldSmart FxHD high-density fiber frame," he said. "As our clients turn toward active Ethernet solutions and higher fiber counts, we in turn are looking to provide high-density fiber solutions for our customers." Clearfield is part of that solution, he added.

FieldSmart FxHD offers the following characteristics.

  • A modular, space-maximizing system. It can house 2,016 ports in a 4.5-square-foot (18x36-inch) footprint.
  • Rear access capability along with capability for full deployment using a front-access-only approach.
  • Cable-routing approach that maximizes proper slack storage regardless of jumper length. The integrated "W" intra-bay route path significantly reduces the chance of improper jumper tie-in or weaving.
  • Combined upper- and lower-trough support for 6,600 jumpers.

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