Fiber distribution unit preassembled with pigtails

Sept. 17, 2012
3M's 8423 fiber distribution unit simplifies cable management and interconnect challenges, the company says.

3M's Fiber Distribution Units 8423 preassembled with pigtails adds a level of cable-management simplification to the company's 8400 series FDUs, and now enables 3M to deliver a full range of options for fiber cable-management at termination points, it says.

"With the new Fiber Distribution Units 8423 including preassembled pigtails, installers can simply place the FDU in the rack and splice in the feeder cable," 3M says. "No need to configure in the field." It easily accommodates the moves, adds and changes of a network installation, and provides ample room for the installer to add and manage cables, the company states.

Like 3M's other FDUs (an example from the company's 8400 product line is shown at the bottom of this page), the 8423 preassembled with pigtails includes cable-mounting hardware and fiber-retention clips that can be placed into the customers' preferred locations. This capability allows for flexibility in configuration in many applications, such as the data center, telecommunications room, enterprise distribution closet, traffic-control cabinet or pad-mounted remote terminal.

The units can be mounted to 19- or 23-inch racks and do not require tools to enter the rear compartments. They are made of galvanized steel.

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