Power distribution units with multiple monitoring capabilities

Sept. 20, 2012
Chatsworth Products Inc.'s eConnect brand of PDUs can range in capability from no power monitoring to remote monitoring of individual outlets.

Chatsworth Products Inc.'s (CPI) eConnect power distribution units (PDU) are described by the company as "a new generation of intelligent power distribution products that connect you to your evolving enterprise data center."

They are meant to withstand the significant heat loads of a data center's hot aisle and are available in more than 100 configurations, CPI says. They are available in three models - basic, monitored and monitored pro - each with multiple variations. Every model includes an ambient temperature rating that can support hot-aisle containment, a low-profile design to integrate into a cabinet's "zero-U" space, numerous voltage and outlet options, and a universal tool-less mounting method to enable quick deployment.

CPI advises that its basic model best fits when no power monitoring is required. The monitored model includes local and remote power monitoring for the PDU, and is applicable when users want to monitor total power use. The monitored pro model includes remote power monitoring for each outlet on the device, and is for users who need to remotely measure individual power used by each piece of equipment.

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