Aisle-containment system allows easy rack addition, removal

Cannon Technologies' Free Form Aisle Cocooning system works with other manufacturers' racks and leaves rack-mounted cable raceways undisturbed during deployment.

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Cannon Technologies has dubbed its latest aisle-containment system Free Form Aisle Cocooning technology, because the system accommodates multiple rack manufacturers and legacy installed data center hardware - and also because it permits quick addition or removal of racks in the contained space.

"This advanced technology unites cost-effective air cabling containment, along with an air flow containment system, into a single integrated solution that features vertical closure panels, support for legacy technologies and a low energy footprint," the company said when announcing the system's availability. "The technology supports an end-to-end beam infrastructure, underpinning the overhead cocooning panels above the aisle without being individually dedicated to any one rack, as well as allowing easy deployment and support for legacy systems. Other features include extendable vertical closure panels for cold air flows, as well as support for a wide range of active and passive cocooning features."

Cannon's engineering manager Mark Awdas noted that "OEM and non-Cannon racks are fully supported. They can be added or removed from the row, maintaining support for legacy investments where appropriate. Furthermore, because Free Form Aisle Cocooning enables an installed rack to be removed from a row of racks quickly and easily and within the space of a few minutes, its cost efficiencies extend well beyond the capex arena and firmly into the opex proficiency stakes."

The company also pointed out that when the system is deployed, all rack-mounted cable raceway systems remain undisturbed and replacement racks can be introduced into the system quickly. It said, "Legacy systems support means that, where old rack installations exist, even with mixed rack types and sizes, the Free Form Aisle Cocooning technology provides a cost-effective retrofit aisle cocooning solution that has both short-term and long-term opex advantages."

Awdas added, "Where old rack installations exist, the Cannon Free Form Aisle Cocooning system provides a cost-effective retrofit solution. It's good practice to restrict any open span in the row to three rack widths, or four rack widths."

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