HDBaseT extenders drive HDMI over 330-ft. twisted-pair cabling

June 20, 2012
Aurora Multimedia has begun shipping its DXE-CAT series HDBaseT Category extenders.

Aurora Multimedia, a supplier of IP control systems and HD video distribution equipment, has begun shipping its DXE-CAT series HDBaseT Category extenders. The three products in the series offer reliable extension of HDMI transmissions up to 330ft.

According to the company, the DXE-CAT-S2L is the flagship product, offering a complete control system embedded in an HDMI Category extender. This extender carries 1080P HDMI 3D with full 48-bit color-depth (340 MHz Bandwidth / 4K x 2K supported) -- as well as bi-directional RS-232, IR and Ethernet -- over the same Category cable for distances up to 330 ft.

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Aurora notes that the S2L extender allows RS232 and IR to be generated locally at the Tx and Rx side of the transmission, for complete source/display control -- with no control panel required. Additionally, the S2L extender includes 8MB of storage capability for hosting a Web Control page, enabling control of any IR or RS232 controllable component via iPad/Tablet or any Web-enabled device.

Configurable as Telnet Client/Server, the S2L can also be integrated with existing supporting control systems. The extender also provides a 2-port Ethernet switch at both ends, allowing connectivity of IP capable displays and components. Aurora's patent-pending Flex-Power PoE circuit allows for complete powering with no need for an external supply.

The other two extenders in the series are the DXE-CAT-S2 and DXE-CAT-S1; both offer HDMI signal extension over Cat 5/5e/6 cabling.

The S2 version offers the same features as the S2L but with no embedded control system. Still extending HDMI in the latest formats and resolutions up to 330 ft., the device also includes a 2-Port Ethernet switch on both ends for connecting IP capable displays, web cameras, source components, computers and other devices without running separate cables. It also allows RS232 and IR signals to be transmitted to and from each end for 'traditional' control system integration.

The DXE-CAT-S1 offers the same HDMI extension as above, but with no Ethernet capabilities and over distances up to 220 ft. All three versions are made in the U.S., and come with Tx and Rx units, both designed with all connections on one side for easy cabling options. Units can be rack mounted 3 units side-by-side in a 1RU rack space, or upright to allow 16 units to be rack mounted in a 3RU space.

Pricing for the extenders is $1049, $799 and $659, respectively. For more information, visit www.auroramultimedia.com.

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