Punchdown tool doubles as screwdriver

June 26, 2012
The 110/66 tool can be converted into a slotted or Phillips screwdriver, nut driver and hex key.

The Punchdown/Screwdriver Multi-Tool from Klein Tools is an interchangeable device that comes with a 110/66 cut-style punchdown blade, both Phillips and slotted screwdriver tips, and hardware to convert to a nut driver or hex key.

Featuring machine-tooled steel bits, the Multi-Tool includes a bayonet-style twist-and-lock socket in the shaft that accepts most manufacturers' punchdown blades. It also has a cushioned handle, a heavy-duty blade barrel for internal bit storage, and the manufacturer's Tip-Ident feature, which provides for easy tool identification.

In all, the tool has nine configurations:

  • 110 punchdown
  • 66 punchdown
  • Phillips #1 screwdriver
  • Phillips #2 screwdriver
  • Slotted 3/16-inch screwdriver
  • Slotted 1/4-inch screwdriver
  • 1/4-inch nut driver
  • 3/8-inch nut driver
  • 3/8-inch hex key

Dave Mueller, senior product manager for Klein Tools, said the company "created a custom VDV punchdown/screwdriver multi-tool for wall jack maintenance to address the specific needs and frustrations of the VDV installer and technician. This convenient all-in-one tool eliminates searching for and carrying up to three different tools to perform simple maintenance tasks."

The Punchdown/Screwdriver Multi-Tool is available through Klein Tools' usual distribution channels.

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