Industrial version of GatorPatch fiber-optic patch panel in Beta testing

A Beta site in central Ontario will deploy Fiber Connections Inc.'s GatorPatch to protect against EMI and provide high-bandwidth communication.

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Fiber Connections Inc. is entering Beta testing on a new version of its GatorPatch fiber-optic patch panel. The Industrial GatorPatch features an industrialMPO connector and as many as six industrial duplex-LC ODVA connectors.

The patching system includes IP67-rated connectors, and is available with an optional cover. The product is shown with the optional cover in the image at the bottom of this story.

Fiber Connections Inc. said installation of the Industrial GatorPatch at a Beta site in central Ontario, Canada will begin later in June. At that site, the system will be used for fiber-optic communication from a location with high electromagnetic interference; it will provide EMI immunity as well as secure, high-bandwidth communication.

The company plans a full release of the product in September 2012.

Hank Van Der Giessen, regional sales director for Fiber Connections Inc., recalled the catalyst for this product's development: "Our customers came to us with a request to build something even more robust than our current GatorPatch units. They were concerned with the long-term environmental effects and have had good experience with the ODVA and industrial connectors. As soon as we showed them the first prototype, they were on board. Now we have two other customers discussing installation sites."

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