Machine blows fiber-optic cable into duct

The Air Stream microfiber blowing machine from General Machine Products can place cables at speeds up to 260 feet per minute and with a force of up to 44 pounds.

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The Air Stream Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine from General Machine Products (GMP) has been designed to install micro fiber cable into preinstalled micro duct with outside diameters between 0.196 and 0.708 inches (5 to 18 mm). It is meant to blow cable with outside diameters between 0.098 and 0.433 inches (2.5 to 11 mm). It is capable of sending the cable through the duct at speeds of 260 feet per minute.

GMP emphasizes that the blower's tabletop design and ergonomic controls allow for single-person operation, and that its double-belt drive concept as well as servo control technology ensure a secure cable grip, precise torque, and speed control. Pushing force, which can reach a maximum of 44 pounds, can be adjusted according to the cable's needs. The product uses compressed air to install the cable into the duct in both indoor and outdoor environments, GMP explains. Its double belt drive system is electrically powered, and controls the cable as it is propelled. An electronic monitoring system provides readouts of speed and distance. It automatically stops if the cable runs into an obstruction, and includes an emergency-stop capability.

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