TE Connectivity DAS products to enable wireless services at Democratic and Republican national conventions

July 16, 2012
Distributed antenna systems will serve capacity crowds at major political venues.

TE Connectivity announced that its distributed antenna systems (DAS) have been deployed for capacity crowds in key venues at both the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

TE DAS products are providing 3G and 4G coverage and capacity in major venues at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, held on September 4-7, 2012, and at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL, held on August 27-30, 2012. DAS products deployed include TE's FlexWave Prism, InterReach Spectrum, and InterReach Fusion systems. The DAS platforms will provide "gavel to gavel" 3G and 4G mobile coverage and capacity at these major events, hosting thousands of delegates, reporters and support staff who will want to send and receive texts, e-mails, videos, and other bandwidth-intensive data.

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Specific venues and TE DAS products deployed are as follows:

At the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte Motor Speedway, site of a family-friendly event prior to the official opening of the convention, will employ TE's FlexWave Prism and InterReach Fusion products to provide mobile service. Time Warner Cable Arena, site of the main convention proceedings, will employ TE's InterReach Spectrum products. Bank of America Stadium, site of President Obama's acceptance speech, will use the FlexWave Prism and InterReach Fusion products.

At the Republican National Convention, the Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of the main convention proceedings, will use TE's InterReach Spectrum to provide mobile service.

TE also delivered mobile services at the 2008 Democratic and Republican national conventions; the company claims that its DAS products "are quickly becoming the de facto standard for high-profile events around the world including Olympic venues and sites hosting professional sports playoffs."

"When mobile services have to be ubiquitous and robust enough for capacity crowds in major venues, mobile operators and building owners increasingly call on TE Connectivity for solutions," comments Alan Clarke, president of network solutions at TE Connectivity. "The precision, ease of deployment, and capacity of our DAS solutions are ideal for the large stadiums and arenas where these important events are held."

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