Interference mitigation technology improves wireless link stability in noisy RF environments

July 18, 2012
New technology option from InfiNet reduces the impact of RF interferences on wireless base stations.

InfiNet Wireless (London), a maker and supplier of carrier-grade wireless infrastructure for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) and wireless connectivity, announced the launch of its Instant Dynamic Frequency Selection (Instant DFS) technology as an option available for its family of high-capacity wireless platforms. Via Instant DFS, the company says that operators and service providers can now provide customers with the unique benefit of its interference mitigation technology, which not only provides more stable links but also ensures higher reliability across challenging and congested radio environments.

An InfiNet Wireless radio unit that has been enabled with Instant DFS will continuously monitor available frequency bands, scanning each channel for noise, radar signals and interference sources. The data collected is then thoroughly analyzed and stored in the unit's memory, without impacting the unit and network performance. Equipped with this real-time information, the unit's management software is then able to switch frequency channels instantly and automatically as soon as external sources of interference or noise are detected, without stopping or interrupting the wireless link, i.e. with no packet losses.

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"We wanted to provide our partners and customers with a differentiating benefit that would drastically reduce the impact of interferences on our radio solutions in noisy environments," said Kamal Mokrani, global vice president at InfiNet Wireless. "By preserving the integrity of the wireless links we provide, we are able to provide our end users with much higher network availability and reliability, especially in areas where critical communication is vital and without sacrificing performance or throughput. We have achieved exactly that with our new Instant DFS technology."

Instant DFS is available with immediate effect as an option for the company's InfiLINK 2x2 point-to-point range of systems as well as for its InfiMan 2x2 point-to-multipoint base stations. The new technology development is fully compliant with FCC and ETSI standards, and is typically deployed for point-to-point connectivity as well as in networks where link stability and reliability are mission-critical.

Download InfiNet's white paper on wireless Quality of Service.

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