Tray increases surface contact area, reduces cable strain

July 26, 2012
The cross wires in CPI's OnTrac Shaped Wire Mesh Tray provide a 400-percent increase in surface contact area for cables and reduces pressure and strain on the cables by 68 percent compared to other trays, the company says.

OnTrac Shaped Wire Mesh Tray from Chatsworth Products Inc. (CPI) incorporates flattened rather than round cross wires, which the company says increases the surface contact area for cables by 400 percent over other standard basket-style trays. The flattened cross wires also reduce pressure and strain by 68 percent for cables that come into contact with the tray, CPI adds. "This simple change allows Shaped Tray to increase cable support and contact area, while still implementing the same installation techniques, splices, support and accessories as CPI's standard wire mesh tray," the company said.

The increase in surface contact area allows the OnTrac Shaped Tray "to create point-to-point cable pathways in data centers and network equipment rooms that are ideal for supporting high performance high density cabling," CPI added.

The tray is made from 100-percent recycled steel and is pregalvanized, which CPI pointed out "eliminates environmental concerns about post-production chemical cleaning and plating, as well as application concerns about zinc whiskers." The tray accommodates the use of a bottom insert or liner to create a solid-bottom tray.

CPI continues to offer its OnTrac Standard Tray, which uses round cross wires. The two tray types have the same MSRP.

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