Intelligent platform bridges BTS, DAS connections

CommScope has unveiled its i-POI [Intelligent Point of Interface] system.

CommScope has unveiled its i-POI [Intelligent Point of Interface] system, an "all-in-one" platform developed to bridge the connections between base transceiver stations (BTS) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) that enable wireless connectivity in buildings and large venues. The company says the i-POI system blends BTS conditioning, signal combining, splitting, monitoring, power management, E911 support and various test options into a single, integrated, modular component. The system is also designed to rein in issues related to passive intermodulation (PIM), and provides power control for multi-operator deployment.

“Wireless operators, systems integrators and facility owners commonly face issues when planning a DAS deployment or upgrading an existing system,” explains Matt Melester, senior vice president and general manager, Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions, CommScope. “Their most pressing concerns surround the lack of visibility into the BTS conditioning process, drops in data throughput due to PIM and space constraints. i-POI meets these challenges head on -- whether in current CommScope Intelligent Optical Network (ION) environments or a third-party DAS infrastructure.”

By combining multiple functions within a single unit, CommScope claims the i-POI system requires up to 75% less installation space than alternative multi-component implementations. Further, the company says the system eliminates the need for external splitters, couplers and terminators, allowing for plug-and-play installation while leaving space for other essential system components.

Watch a video describing the CommScope i-POI system.

Download CommScope's iPOI white paper.

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