Wireless lighting adapters offer intelligent controls

Daintree Networks' Wireless Adapter (WA) products add standards-based ZigBee controls to LED and fluorescent fixtures in commercial and industrial buildings.

Daintree Networks' Wireless Adapter (WA) products comprise a family of low-profile devices that integrate wireless connectivity and distributed control options into lighting fixtures, sensors, wall switches and other wired products within commercial and industrial buildings. Through the WA products, most fixtures and other off-the-shelf lighting products can easily add the capabilities of the ZigBee communications standard at either the point of manufacture or the customer site, and connect to Daintree's centralized ControlScope software and other ZigBee-certified wireless products.

The company's expanded WA product line now includes adapters for controlling individual fixtures, as well as multi-function control of complete circuits. New products include the WFA100, originally designed to allow lighting fixture manufacturers to pre-install ZigBee functionality inside existing fixtures at the point of manufacture. With a streamlined form factor, the WFA100 fits seamlessly inside many commercial and industrial LED and fluorescent fixtures. The full line of new and updated WA products will be available for purchase in Q2 2012.

"Our mission is to deliver intelligence to the lighting in every commercial building," says Danny Yu, CEO of Daintree Networks. "By expanding on the success of our existing Wireless Adapter products, we're providing the lighting industry with the most complete and robust set of options for wireless control, all using a trusted, open standard rather than non-interoperable, proprietary technology."

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