Fiber-optic safety DVD

Video from The Light Brigade covers safety practices during installation, confined spaces, testing, inspection and more.

The Light Brigade, the training division of AFL, recently released a DVD titled "Fiber Optic Safety." The Light Brigade describes the DVD as "a training tool to enhance the fiber-optic safety program of anyone who works with optical fibers or lasers, or who installs or operates fiber-optic communications systems."

The DVD has 10 chapters, including a chapter on each of the following topics (among others).

  • Optical fiber handling and safety
  • Fiber and laser testing and inspection equipment types and applications
  • Safety practices during installation and restoration
  • Potential safety problems, their causes and potential solutions
  • Safety in confined spaces

The DVD also includes a quiz with a matching instructor version, written in Microsoft Word to allow for customization.

BICSI recognizes the Fiber Optic Safety DVD for one credit toward each of the following professional designations: RCDD, RITP, Installer 2 Copper/Fiber, Technician, Certified Trainer.

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