Sunrise Telecom adds field test capabilities for IPv6, 10G SONET/SDH, VoIP, copper

Sunrise Telecom has boosted its its RxT Smart Productivity platform.

Sunrise Telecom announced the addition of test capabilities for IPv6, 10G SONET/SDH, VoIP and copper to its RxT Smart Productivity platform.

The company says the new capabilities enhance the versatile test and measurement platform by providing the ability to install and maintain infrastructures for next-generation voice and data services, while retaining the ability to support existing legacy infrastructures. New RxT platform capabilities, according to the company, include the following:

-- IPv6 testing: The addition of IPv6 testing capabilities to the RxT 10GE module enables customers to migrate their networks from IPv4 to IPv6 and perform the same layer 2/3 service activation tests in IPv6-based networks.

-- PDH/SDH/SONET testing: The new RxT TEN module combined with the existing RxT SDH/SONET module allows the RxT platform to offer full PDH/SDH/SONET functionality, up to 10G from DS1/E1 to STM-64/OC-192, in a single platform.

-- SIP testing: The RxT platform now includes both a SIP phone client and packet capture application which enables basic end-to-end VoIP testing and analysis.

-- Copper testing: The RxT 2160 TDR/DMM module handles testing basic copper functions. The new module complements the RxT's existing DSL test modules which already support ADSL2/2+, VDSL2 and SHDSL.bis testing.

"The modular design of this feature-rich connected platform provides our customers with a single platform that supports existing legacy networks as well as new and future network technologies," comments Bahaa Moukadam, CEO of Sunrise Telecom. "The RxT enables our customers to reduce capital expenditures while improving the service, efficiency and productivity of the field personnel."

Sunrise Telecom notes that its RxT platform was recently awarded the 2011 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. More information is available here.

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