Mini hermaphroditic fiber-optic connectors support harsh environment voice/data/video

OCC's MHC II connector uses a bayonet-style mechanical coupling interface for easy mating to receptacles.

New from Optical Cable Corporation (NASDAQ: OCC), the "rugged yet small" MHC II mini hermaphroditic fiber-optic connectors are are available in 2-4 and 6-8 channel sizes for easy installation in high-speed, high-bandwidth communication systems. OCC says the connectors are especially suitable for use in harsh environment voice/data/video, as well as deployed broadcast and industrial, applications.

According to the company, each MHC II connector uses a bayonet-style mechanical coupling interface for easy mating to receptacles with a simple twisting motion. The 8-channel version allows multiple combinations of fiber-optic termini and electrical contacts to co-exist within the same hermaphroditic system for deployment of both power and communications at the same time. The MHC II fiber-optic termini feature pin and socket contacts to accommodate 62.5/125µm, 50/125µm, 9/125µm single-mode/multimode fiber or a combination of fiber types, depending upon cable construction requirements. The hermaphroditic, bayonet-style design also accommodates simple plug-to-plug connections, making daisy-chaining of cables faster and easier, contends OCC.

The company says the MHC II series incorporates proprietary 1.25 mm ceramic ferrule technology to achieve high density paired with excellent insertion loss performance. Plug and receptacle insert caps are easily removed for cleaning, while ceramic alignment sleeves allow for uncomplicated field maintainability in harsh environments. All connectors are available in a variety of plating/base materials, including Teflon nickel and black anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel, to complement diverse installation requirements.

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