EZ Patch dispenser offers 'patch cords in a box'

Legrand Ortronics says its new dispensing system reduces installation time and is made of environmentally friendly materials.

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EZ Patch from Legrand Ortronics is designed to quickly and easily dispense patch cords. Legrand Ortronics says the 'patch-cords-in-a-box' concept reduces installation time and waste, and improves staging-area organization. "There are no bags to open, tie wraps to undo or straightening necessary," the company says.

A clip (made from 25 percent regrind plastic) connects the patch cords together, enabling them to be distributed over an internal cardboard reel and fed through the EZ Patch box's front opening. According to the company, the corrugated cardboard box and internal dispensing reel are made from 100 percent recyclable materials. The box, reel and clips are fully recyclable after use.

Ortronics Clarity 6 or 5E patch cords, in a variety of standard lengths and colors, are available in the EZ Patch packaging. Clarity 6A cords will be available in the EZ Patch packaging soon, Legrand Ortronics says.

A two-minute video posted to YouTube demonstrates the EZ Patch in use in a telecom room. You can watch the video here.

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