Portable optical-fiber cleaver

May 3, 2012
Vytran says its PFC-400 cleaver uses tension-and-scribe technology to produce flat, clean, low end-angle cleaves.

The PFC-400 portable optical-fiber cleaver from Vytran cleaves standard and specialty fibers. The company says it is intended for use in telecom, fiber-laser, aerospace, defense, medical, sensing and research applications.

Vytran president and chief executive officer Jean-Michel Pelaprat says the PFC-400's "precision cleaving provides a key building block for the high-quality splices typical of CAS and other Vytran splicing systems." It uses so-called tension-and-scribe cleaving technology, which Vytran says produces flat, clean, low end-angle cleaves. The company adds that the cleaver can be used with virtually any splicer, but shares a transfer clip with Vytran's CAS-4000 Series splicers, which "allows the user to easily move an optical fiber from the PFC-400 to a CAS splicer without compromising fiber positioning," Vytran says.

The battery-operated cleaver weighs 2.4 pounds, is 3x6x5.9 inches in dimension, and can be used on fibers ranging from 80 to 200 microns.

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