OneReach power-and-data system now supports PoE Plus

Delivering up to 25.5W to powered devices, OneReach from Berk-Tek can be used for multi-channel wireless access points or IP cameras with heaters and PTZ controls.

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Berk-Tek recently announced that its OneReach system - the integrated power and data cable solution that extends distances for the connection of devices such as security cameras and wireless access points beyond 100 meters - now supports Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE Plus) power levels. PoE Plus, as specified in IEEE 802.3at, allows 34.2W of power from the power injector. That level of injection can deliver as much as 25.5W to the powered device.

Mike Connaughton, fiber-optic products business manager at Berk-Tek, explained, "PoE Plus capability is built into the power injector unit, which expands the range of devices that can be PoE-powered, to include multi-channel wireless access points and IP cameras with heaters and PTZ controls. The original version of the OneReach system, which was introduced in 2010 with [IEEE 802.3af] PoE capability, provides up to 12.95W to devices at distances more than 100 meters from the telecommunications room and eliminates AC power, typically required for media converters when employing fiber. The new PoE-Plus injector option doubles the electrical power out to 2,500 feet to the remote PoE port, or up to 2,800 feet with the direct attach at the device end.

"Additional benefits include a lower cost and better return on investment compared to installing local power at the device end or pulling separate cables in separate pathways, while also providing network advantages such as consolidated UPS and single-point troubleshooting."

The OneReach system, pictured at the bottom of this story, comprises three components: power injector module, OneReach cable assembly, and remote PoE port. The power injector is housed in a telecommunications room and delivers both the power and the data from the active equipment. The OneReach cable assembly consists of a Berk-Tek indoor/outdoor CL3R-OF-rated composite copper/fiber cable, under a single jacket, which includes 12 AWG or 18 AWG stranded conductors coupled with eight tight-buffered or loose-tube optical fibers. The cable assembly is built to specific lengths and is pretested and preterminated with M8 connectors for the remote PoE port. The remote PoE port is a media converter and PoE injector that converts the optical signal to an electrical signal. From the remote PoE port, an addition 300 feet of twisted-pair cable with a direct-attach RJ-45 (Category 5e or Category 6) plug can increase the distance out to the powered device.

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