Enclosures hold portable communications, test equipment

Customizable enclosures from Metcase are made of aluminum and have been designed for desktop and portable electronics equipment.

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The Unimet Plus line of portable enclosures from Metcase are designed to hold portable electronics equipment, including test and measurement instruments as well as communications equipment. The enclosures are available in six standard sizes, with external dimensions from 1.96x9.05x7.56 inches to 5.90x13.77x10.35 inches. Metcase explains that these portable enclosures include a bail arm/carry handle bar that can be adjusted in 30-degree increments.

The enclosures are made of aluminum and include a base panel assembly with two chassis plates and snap-in guides. The enclosure's top cover, front bezels and rear panel are all mounted to the base panel assembly.

Metcase offers customization of these enclosures, including CNC punching, milling and drilling, silk-screen printing and other options.

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