Fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems

May 4, 2012
FFT has added two new fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT - Mountain View, CA) has expanded its line of fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems to include two new platforms:

Billed as delivering both sensitivity and flexibility for intrusion detection applications, the FFT Aura system provides multiple event detection, advanced signal processing, and pinpoint location accuracy. This medium-range fiber-optic intrusion detection system can be deployed for both fence-mounted and buried applications. Designed to detect intrusion across most types of fences, the system can also be covertly located underground across open areas to detect footsteps. Both installation methods can operate simultaneously within one system. The system can also detect intrusions along buried assets, or within data cable infrastructures. It also supports critical sites demanding hardened solutions that require continuous operation in the event of a damaged or cut sensor cable. The FFT Aura system pinpoints the precise location of events to within 6 meters (20 feet) or better. The system will continue to work up to the point of a sensor cable cut; or, when configured bi-directionally, the sensor cable will continue to work to both sides of the cut point, providing full single cut protection. Advanced signal processing and event analysis minimizes nuisance alarms without compromising sensitivity. The system's security management GUI includes intuitive multilingual screens with client/server configuration, GPS integration and GIS mapping.

Also newly released, the FFT Secure Point is a 2 zone fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection system that's positioned as a flexible, easy-to-install solution for smaller sites that doesn't compromise on performance. In response to the needs of the short perimeter market, FFT says the features of the Secure Point system take zoned fiber-optic perimeter detection technology ahead of conventional 2 channel PIDS systems. Improved sensitivity is achieved by using interferometric detection techniques rather than less sensitive 'speckle pattern' detection technology. This enables FFT Secure Point to be used on almost all fence types and styles including chain link, welded mesh and palisade with the same high levels of detection and effectiveness. The low power, small form factor system supports 2 independent zones per controller; each zone can be up to 500 meters or 1,600 feet long. Interfacing options include TCP/IP, USB, as well as traditional Form C contacts. Optional splice free installation of fiber-optic cables is available. Target applications include perimeter protection of utility substations, solar farms, storage yards, pumping stations and block valve sites.

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