Bend-insensitive fiber rings work with OTDRs for connector-to-connector testing

May 8, 2012
AFL's Noyes Test and Inspection division has introduced its series of bend-insensitive fiber rings.

AFL's Noyes Test and Inspection division has introduced its series of bend-insensitive fiber rings. Billed as a "must have" item for fiber-optic cable installers, the fiber rings are for use with an OTDR to enable connector-to-connector testing of fibers and identification of breaks, splices, macrobends and other events, anywhere along the length of a fiber.

OTDRs require launch and receive cables in order to accurately measure the insertion loss and reflectance of the near-end and/or far-end connections of a fiber-optic link. Depending on the application and the length of fiber being tested, these cables can range from 150 to 1000 meters. AFL contends that its Noyes fiber rings are a better alternative than a 150 meter patch cable or a 1000 meter box of fiber.

"With bend-insensitive fiber becoming more affordable, it is being deployed more widely than ever," notes Kevin Haddock, product manager at AFL. "Now, instead of only finding it in drop cables or multi-dwelling units, we run across bend-insensitive fiber in the core network as well. Our new bend-insensitive fiber rings allow network personnel to use launch and receive cables that match the fiber in the network under test."

Available bend-insensitive fiber ring models from AFL include the FR1-BIF-150 (150 m ring), FR1-BIF-500 (500 m ring) and FR1-BIF-1000 (1 km ring). Each is available with any combination of connectors including UPC and APC SC, ST, FC and LC.

The company notes that it now offers fiber rings in a wide variety of types to meet industry requirements including G.652 compliant single-mode, multimode 62.5 micron, multimode 50 micron (OM2, OM3 and OM4) and, with this announcement, G.657A2 compliant bend-insensitive fiber. Standard lengths are 150, 500 and 1000 meters; all common connector styles are available. Custom fiber types, lengths and connector styles are available upon request.

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