Handheld tester verifies cabling, network performance

The NaviTEK II from Ideal Industries Networks conducts active and passive testing across copper- and fiber-based networks and cabling systems.

Ideal Industries Networks is now shipping the NaviTEK II frontline technician tool. Ideal says the tool conducts advanced active and passive network testing for copper- and fiber-based systems. The company adds that the tester "makes troubleshooting LAN physical and network layers more efficient with features ... including support for IPv6, 802.1X, Netscan and VLANs, and an advanced LCD screen to view pin-by-pin wiremap."

NaviTEK II offers five-way navigation buttons as well as icons that its manufacturer describes as intuitive. "Another key to its time-saving design," Ideal Industries Networks says, "is the ability to test both cabling and network performance using the same RJ-45 interface, eliminating the need to disconnect the cable from the unit to switch between cable and network tests. ... Ping and traceroute are supported as well as Netscan that autodiscovers IPv6 and IPv4 network nodes."

It can store as many as 250 tests in five separate folders. Ideal Industries Networks points out that the tester's storage memory and its job-folder system help organize results from multiple jobs without having to offload the information onto a hard drive.

NaviTEK II is available through major datacom and electrical distributors.

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