Walk-behind trenchers

Machines help create pathways for cables that will be placed underground.

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A line of walk-behind trenchers from Ditch Witch claim numerous advantageous characteristics, including ease of use, hydraulic operation, home-grown componentry and more. The trenchers can be used as part of the process to establish pathways for direct-buried or other undergroundcable placement.

The Charles Machine Works manufactures the Ditch Witch RT12, RT16, RT20 and RT24 walk-behind trenchers, and notes that each one "is designed and manufactured to provide an exceptional return on investment." For example, the company points out that it builds the trenchers to be hydraulic rather than belt-driven. "Decades ago, the Ditch Witch organization made the decision to transition to longer-lasting, easier-to-use hydraulic systems," the company states. "The entire line ... incorporates a stacked, in-line hydraulic pump configuration that effectively eliminates vertical shafts and the use of belts and/or flywheel reduction systems, and ultimately reduces downtime."

Of the machines' operation, the company boasts, "Even novice operators can quickly understand the hand controls." It adds, "The Ditch Witch organization designs and manufactures virtually every component of its trenches and other equipment lines at its 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Perry, OK."

You can find out more about walk-behind trenchers and other Ditch Witch products here.

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