EXFO adds intelligent OTDR module for LAN/WAN, data center testing

EXFO has added its intelligent Optical Link Manager (iOLM) technology to its FTB-720 LAN/WAN access test module.

At the 2012 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL, EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO) announced that it will add its intelligent Optical Link Manager (iOLM) technology to its FTB-720 LAN/WAN access test module. The new FTB-720 iOLM will serve to accelerate and simplify optical fiber testing within access, LAN/WAN, and data center networks, EXFO asserts.

EXFO originally targeted the iOLM technology for use in FTTH deployments. The company says it has now optimized iOLM to meet short-span point-to-point testing needs during construction and troubleshooting of access and LAN/WAN networks as well. Based on the company’s Link-Aware technology, the iOLM helps service providers build error-free networks using a multi-pulse approach to fully characterize events on the entire link ("from the front end to the far end") via one-button operation, EXFO says.

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Featuring self-setting parameters and the support of intuitive interpretation of graphical results, the iOLM reduces instrument training time and repeated truck rolls, EXFO adds. It also reduces the Level 2 support required from expert technicians.

“Just like in virtually all types of networks, access, LAN/WAN and data center operators are currently looking for ways to deploy more quickly, yet more simply and with greater reliability,” said Étienne Gagnon, EXFO’s vice-president of product management and marketing. “With its visual representation using icons for each link event and clear pass/fail verdicts, the iOLM enables any technician to easily perform tests that are absolutely accurate the first time.”

EXFO also will release a new version of its data post-processing software at the BICSI Winter show. FastReporter 2 offers a more powerful, all-integrated package of advanced features to edit, analyze, and document test results performed on entire networks, EXFO says. This enhanced version reduces manipulations, simplifies the user’s experience, and boosts post-processing efficiency, the company concludes.

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