Corning Cable Systems debuts LANscape closet connector housings for cross-connect of OSP, inside plant riser, fiber cabling

Feb. 10, 2012

Corning Cable Systems LLC (NYSE: GLW) has introduced its LANscape Closet Connector Housings (CCHs) for faster and easier interconnect or cross-connect capabilities between outside plant (OSP) and/or inside plant riser or distribution cables and opto-electronics.

The company says it updated CCH hardware design is the result of extensive customer feedback and product development time, representing "a major leap forward" in fiber optic housings from previous designs. According to the company, from fiber and cable routing and strain relief, to port labeling and termination, more than two dozen features built into the new design help users work more quickly, while also reducing the risk of error that can disrupt networks. The housings are available in sizes ranging from 1 rack unit (1U) to 4 rack units (4U).

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One key CCH hardware upgrade addresses fiber and cable routing, such that the hardware is easier to see into, work within and get out of without disturbing connectivity. Improved visibility and access into the housings has been enabled by tool-less, removable covers and see-through doors. Additionally, among several routing upgrades is Corning’s use of molded-in illustrations that make proper routing of fibers and cables more obvious and easier to follow.

The CCH hardware now also includes the ability to store and protect splices inside the housing, rather than using a separate piece of hardware. New splice cassettes provide sealed protection, molded-in routing instructions and slack-cable storage in a single, compact footprint that can be accessed without disturbing neighboring connectivity. Through this innovation, preparation work and installation time is reduced by up to 60 percent, claims the company, compared with using traditional hardware and splice trays. Finally, the cassettes can be ordered with pigtails and panels already installed, pre-stripped and pre-routed within the cassette.

Corning says the newly designed CCH hardware solves internal and external strain-relief concerns by offering a variety of options. Removable, snap-in internal strain-relief brackets quickly “get the cable out of the way” during routing or re-access. All of the brackets accommodate a variety of cable sizes and use a combination of T-slots and cable-tie bridges for the easy addition of cables in the future.

As proper labeling in the housing is critical to network integrity, three labeling options and locations are now offered in the new CCH hardware, including built-in components in multiple locations and Excel-based online templates to make labeling simple and customizable. The new hardware will be on display at Corning Cable Systems’ booth #1101, at the 2012 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Feb. 12-16.

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