Leviton offers enviro-friendly bulk packaging

January 7, 2009 -- Category 5e, 5e+, and 6 connectors are now available in recyclable packaging meant to reduce jobsite waste.

January 7, 2009 -- The Network Solutions division of Leviton announced the release of its new GreenPack bulk connector packaging. The new packaging was designed as a contractor- and earth-friendly solution to speed large network infrastructure installations and reduce jobsite waste.

GreenPack holds 24 connectors in individual, clear pockets. Users can pop the connectors out one at a time, leaving the remaining inventory organized and easily counted, Leviton says. The company adds that GreenPack offers an environmentally sound alternative to individually packaged connectors. The cardboard and plastic packaging is 100 percent recyclable, while the connectors are lead-free and RoHS-compliant.

GreenPack packaging is available in 5e, 5e+ (component-rated), and 6 category ratings, with white, ivory, blue, orange, or black connectors. Leviton's connectors, including those sold in the new GreenPack, are available through the company's reseller network.

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