A-D Technologies joint venture to provide conduit, other products in Middle East

Dec. 30, 2009
Dura-Line Middle East, LLC will offer HDPE conduit, cable-in-conduit, pull tapes, couplings, and lubricants.

A-D Technologies announced a joint venture between Dura-Line Pvt. Ltd, an A-D Technologies company located in India, and Al-Jassar, LLC, located in Oman. The new company, called Dura-Line Middle East, LLC, will be located in Oman.

A-D Technologies, created by the merger of ARNCO and Dura-Line in 2007, manufactures and distributes products including conduit, preinstalled cable in conduit, pull tapes, couplings, and lubricants. The new joint venture will provide high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping solutions for telecom and other markets, the company says.

“We are pleased to bring our global technological expertise through a joint venture to create a local presence in Oman,” said Paresh Chari, president and chief executive officer of A-D Technologies. “We are confident and optimistic that the company’s strong expertise and a local presence will ultimately benefit the customers and projects in the [Middle East-North Africa] region and will result in efficiency gains through closer proximities with both raw-material suppliers and our customers.”

“Dura-Line Middle East LLC is expected to produce HDPE pipes and accessories by the first half of 2010 under a greenfield project and will encourage local employment,” stated Sanjeev Kumar, regional managing director at Dura-Line India. He is responsible for the company’s Asia, Africa, and Middle East regions. “We are very positive and encouraged by the response of the government authorities and institutions that have lent their fast-track support.”

A-D Technologies has 12 manufacturing plants in the U.S., Mexico, Czech Republic, and India.

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