Clearfield debuts modular fiber crossover distribution system

Oct. 23, 2009
Clearfield, Inc. announced the addition of its FieldSmart Crossover Fiber Distribution System (FxDS), billed as a custom-configured system of fiber management components, based on the company's Clearview cassette.

October 23, 2009 --Clearfield, Inc. announced the addition of its FieldSmart Crossover Fiber Distribution System (FxDS), billed as a custom-configured system of fiber management components that may reduce the cost of fiber deployment, while maximizing ease of use and system density.

Based on Clearfield’s Clearview Cassette, which provides integrated fiber management within a 12-port footprint, the company says the FieldSmart FxDS “provides a modular and scalable solution, requiring only four SKUs to support hundreds of configurations.”

Supporting on or off-frame splicing and scalable to 1728 ports across a network, the FieldSmart FxDS can be deployed from the inside plant or outside plant of the network. The FxDS component can be configured for deployment as a stand-alone panel into an existing fiber frame, data cabinet or active outside plant cabinet. For inside plant density, the FxDS can also be deployed as a dedicated frame.

The building block elements of the FxDS include the Clearview Cassette, a frame kit, crossover bulkhead, front fiber protection block, and rear fiber protection block. Each element provides modularity of physical fiber protection into the environment that it is deployed, maintains the company.

The company says that users have the option of purchasing the system fully-loaded or may utilize a “grow-as-you-go approach,” in which different building block elements are added as the number of homes served increases, or as “take rates” improve. Costs are contained because only the essential protection elements are added based upon the environment served, maintains Clearfield.

“The FxDS reduces the cost of broadband deployments by removing unnecessary fiber protection elements without putting the physical fiber at risk,” comments Johnny Hill, chief operating officer of Clearfield. “Because the FxDs is a modular platform, and is deployed as a common architecture throughout multiple environments, cost savings are multiplied throughout the network.”

The FxDS platform is currently shipping.

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