Step 6: Selecting the Right Equipment

06 Holistic Data

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Determining the most efficient servers with the most efficient power supplies is an important step to holistic data center design. Examining the power consumption of the servers and finding the ‘sweet spot’ for number and speed of the CPUs, memory and correct sizing of the power supply is part of this process.

Selecting the correct platform to support a specific application is also important. How an application uses a server must be understood to effectively balance energy savings and performance. For example, some applications are input/output (I/O) intense and may need a server that has lower compute processing capabilities. On the other hand, some applications may require more compute processing and less I/O.

Another factor is power supply size. Selecting a power supply that is too large will not be as efficient as one that is sized correctly to support the server during normal operation with some extra capacity when needed.

This same reasoning should be applied to all IT equipment. Finding the proper fit for the equipment will provide significant operational savings for the data center. Blindly standardizing on a single system without regard for energy consumption can lead to higher operational cost. Obviously, IT must also weigh cost efficiencies with the ability to support various makes and models of equipment along with technology changes and requirements moving forward.

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