AFL Telecommunications opening R&D facility

March 14, 2006 - The Spartanburg, SC facility aims to further the company's advancement into the fiber-optics industry.

AFL Telecommunications ( recently announced it will open a new research-and-development center in Spartanburg, SC in April to further the company's advancement into the fiber-optics industry.

A collaboration between AFL Telecommunications and its parent company Fujikura Ltd. of Japan, the R&D center will develop new products and invest in new technologies, meeting United States market demands and establishing the foundation for the future of AFL. Key to its success will be the ability to interact closely with customers, providing rapid response and feedback.

"Building on the strength of Fujikura technologies, the new R&D center will be a critical element for growth for AFL Telecommunications, combining technologies to create solutions to many different applications for our customers," said Jody Gallagher, president of AFL Telecommunications. "We're excited about this investment and commitment as it will lead us into a promising future."

The center's mission is to promote the development of products based on Fujikura technologies and to search for potential new products and opportunities in the U.S. market by expanding AFL's future business. New markets including automotive and medical will be explored. In addition, the center plans to collaborate with local research universities to further its studies in the field of optics.

"The U.S. market is at the forefront of advanced technologies and AFL Telecommunications will now have an active role in the advancement of the industry," said Masatoshi Kuroda, chairman of AFL Telecommunications. "The R&D center will be designed to assist in developing new business to help AFL, our community, and the telecommunications industry continue to develop over time."

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