Web seminar to address wireless networking

March 31, 2006
March 31, 2006 - Discussions will focus on the topics of data security, site surveys, IEEE standards and TIA's TSB-162.

On April 26, Cabling Installation & Maintenance will present a Web-delivered seminar on wireless networking. Entitled "Wireless LANs and the Wires Behind Them," the seminar will be delivered live at 1:00 p.m. EDT on April 26, and will be available on-demand thereafter. Attendees to the live event will have the opportunity to ask questions of the seminar's presenters. Attendance for live attendees and on-demand attendees is free.

Wireless local area networks (LANs), no longer considered a threat to replace corporate wired infrastructures, now are widely regarded as a complement to a cabled network. In fact, new specifications from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA-www.tiaonline.org) could mean that wireless LAN deployment results in more, not less, cabling within a building.

This seminar will provide a general overview of the wireless LAN technologies available today, address issues such as security of information sent over wireless LANs, and introduce TIA TSB-162, the latest standard addressing the infrastructure for wireless access points.

Sev Sadura, product manager with Transition Networks (www.transition.com) will make a presentation entitled "The 802 Standard Series," which will include information not only on the IEEE's 802.11 series, but also the 802.3-based Power over Ethernet specifications as they relate to wireless networking.

Ortronics' (www.ortronics.com) wireless marketing manager Tony Walker will address the topic of security by addressing the bottom line on data security in wireless transmission. His discussion will reference appropriate IEEE specifications and focus on the practical security implications of wireless LAN use.

Dr. Bob Elliott of Panduit (www.panduit.com) will explain the details of TSB-162, explaining to installation contractors and system users the TSB's recommended approach to cabling a facility for wireless access points.

The fourth and final presentation will be delivered by Fluke Networks' (www.flukenetworks.com) Dan Klimke, and will discuss options for conducting site surveys, those all-important pre-installation analyses that are intended to ensure full wireless coverage to a given area.

The seminar will be approximately one hour in duration, including a question-and-answer period following the four presentations.

Those interested in registering can do so by clicking here.

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